Bloque I: El Universo Amniótico

vibración agua i lung ding cuenco manantial

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Bloque I: El Ritual del Gong y el Universo Amniótico (MPBI)
20 y 21 de Enero de 2024

20 y 21 de Abril 2024

Monocórdio, Canto de Harmónicos, Flauta de Harmónicos, Tanpura y Cuencos. Instrumentos vibracionales.

The Course

The Trance and Sound Training course is based on 30 years of experience and development in psychotherapy, psychiatry and music therapy. Peter Hess has created this new form of responsive music therapy, the renowned Gong Therapy. It is very similar to the psychedelic therapy developed by Stanislav Grof and Richard Yensen (psychedelic: soul-unveiling/decoding) and shamanic rituals, but has the advantage that these experiences can be integrated more effectively into our culture and society. The archaic instruments in the sound journey create a connection to the roots of our existence in the womb, but also to the roots of humanity as a whole. This allows us to go beyond duality and projects us into a new model of consciousness through a conscious awareness of the inner process. Many people have experienced altered states of consciousness through other and different methods such as meditation, yoga, drugs, extreme sports, etc.. But sometimes it is difficult to integrate the experiences brought into their daily life. A central goal of our work is to assist this integration not only for self exploration or healing, but also to assist in the development of a new awareness of our universe as a whole and the role of our planet in it. It is known that the experience of altered states of consciousness through music can lead to a greater exploration of oneself and can help to find ways to release the ego and dissolve limited states of mind, avoiding and resolving mental blockages such as those produced in states of addictions or psychotic disorders.


  • Experience the altered states of consciousness through music.
  • Self exploration through sound journey.
  • Bodywork: vibrational healing and body awareness
  • Shamanic ritual in modern psychotherapy.
  • Improvisación musical con todo tipo de instrumentos.
  • Musicoterapia activa/musicoterápia receptiva.
  • Instrumentos arcaicos: introducción de técnicas de interpretación y comprensión de sus efectos.
  • Canto de armónicos.
  • Mindfullnes y meditación con sonido
  • Fondo teórico del Ritual del Gong. Set y Setting.
  • Diferencia entre musicoterapia activa y receptiva.
  • Puente entre la psicoterapia y chamanismo.
  • Estados alterados de conciencia y neurogiologia.
  • La espiritualidad en el tratamiento.
  • Las matrices perinatales básicas, según S. Grof.
  • Psicología Transpersonal.