Transformative Music

Joel Olivé, 1976 Barcelona, multi-instrumentalist musician, music therapist and luthier. I am a promoter and collaborator of music therapy workshops for the expansion of consciousness at national and international level, I work combining with research and studies of music and yoga of sound, with voice, overtone singing and archaic instruments, among them: the symphonic gong, the didgeridoo, the monochord, the bina and the tabla, and I am specialized in their application in therapy. I am the creator of most of the instruments I use in music therapy sessions, sound journeys and concerts, I like to design the sound I feel. I have published numerous writings and articles about the instruments, as well as an extensive collection of musical works, available on Spotify (Joel Olivé) or Bandcamp (Enteoanima).

In my beginnings I started djing records, becoming a professional d.j. in the mid 90s. Later I discovered the didgeridoo, an instrument that would progressively change my life and my musical passion. I delved into body expression through sound and collaborated for a few years with numerous musical bands and performing arts groups (Living Theatre, Sémola Teatre, among others).

I began to deepen in the therapeutic aspects of Digeridoo; and soon I met Dr. Peter Hess, with whom we created the Institute of Sound and Trance (Germany-Spain), and with whom we currently direct the international training of Sound and Trance States, STF - Sound TransFormation.

He introducido la musicoterapia en CITA (Centro de Investigación y Tratamiento de Adicciones) y en el Espai Vital (Centro para el tratamiento de enfermedades degenerativas). Soy miembro fundador y músico de Sons de la Cova, proyecto que introduce la meditación con sonido en la Iglesia de la Santa Cova (Manresa) desde 2003. Soy profesor de musicoterapia en la Universidad de Girona,  y ofrezco seminarios regularmente en la Universidad de Arizona (Escuela de Derechos Humanos), donde enseño cómo la música y los estados expandidos, pueden beneficiar a la humanidad. Soy colaborador habitual de ICEERS (Barcelona), SÄPT (Suiza) y del Instituto Transpersonal Integrativo (Barcelona). También ofrezco classes en: Instituto transpersonal Integrativo (Barcelona)  y ONCA Psychedelic Therapy Training (Colombia), entre otros cursos y formaciones, y he tenido la oportunidad de colaborar con SÄPT, presentando mi música en Basilea, Suiza.

Among my albums stand out Gong ritual, Vincles, Uqbar and Door to the Archaic (my 7th CD), this one produced by Byron Metcalf, USA. And I have done many collaborations and concerts, alone or with other musicians (Albert Galvany, Joan Miró, Nuria Cervera, Maria Rodés, Gerard Quintana, Federico Sanesi, Natxo Tarrés, Muom, Gianni Cavallaro, Prashant Mallik, Jaume Catà, Roger Martínez, Amu Ahava, Maureen Ji, Shira Kalev, Ravi Ramoneda, Yerko Fuenzalida, and a long etc.).

I have studied didgeridoo with the Australian Aborigines, African percussion with the Senegalese and tabla and singing of Indian classical music and Dhrupad (during my long stays in India), and I am currently studying guitar and handpan.

Among my studies, I highlight the training in Music and Unconsciousness (Society of Applied Ethnopsychology), and the ECCS (European College of Counciousness Studies). I studied Fine Arts (Universitat de Barcelona), and I have a postgraduate degree in music therapy from the Blanquerna University.

My path with the Sacred Medicines

My path with ayahuasca medicine began in the 90s. In my first experience, a huge black panther appeared in front of me, looking me directly and deeply in the eyes, as if challenging me. From that moment on I began to deepen my knowledge of the Shipibo, Shuar and Santo Daime traditions, and with the facilitators I met, who at that time were few. I traveled to Peru and Brazil (Matutú), and I trained individually with teachers who have learned from these traditions.

I have always tried to keep myself open to learning about the different lineages and traditions that exist. Because of my training as a music therapist on archaic instruments, from the beginning I found the optimal environment for my music to reach its maximum depth, within these states. The transpersonal perspective in the approach to the use of archaic instruments, together with years of experience, complete a solid work with a well-established foundation, giving great importance to integration at all times, using tools such as listening, speech, music and art therapy.

Workshops / courses / sessions

Contratación: 0034 – 619 33 44 86


AYAHUASCA World Conference, Music by Joel Olivé: Uniting for a Better World in construction

Entrevista de Musicoterapia a Joel Olivé

Retreat in Austria

Retreat with JOEL OLIVE from May 20th to 22nd, this time in the beautiful seminar center ‘The Tree’ including. ✨ LIVE music with the sound


Drum Building Workshop

24 y 25 DE JULIO (2021), MANRESA IMPARTIDO POR JOEL OLIVÉ Y LEIRE ARANEGI Es un ritual; una experiencia única de transformación y empoderamiento personal